Take Your Personalisation Solution Mobile!

Keep your customers safe!

Over the last few months we have been working hard on creating a new way to enable you to still bring personalisation to your customers safely. We wanted to provide a solution that will keep you and your customers safe and help assist in maintaining social distancing. With a lot of focus and awareness on personal hygiene we are aware some customers would prefer not to use our traditional touchscreen kiosks. So we have updated our kiosk videos to enable customers to either continue the normal process by touching the screen to activate the app or scan the QR code shown to get the kiosk functionality on their smartphone to enable them to continue the personalisation journey on their own phone instead.

The user just simply uses the camera on their smartphone or alternatively a QR code reader app to scan the QR code which drives them straight to the personalisation app just like as seen on the kiosk. The user can then follow the same steps, choose a product, choose a design and personalise! Simple!

We have upgraded our scanners at till point to enable users to then take their phone to check out for scanning, which will prompt their order to print.




Software Upgrade

Offer 2 options for your customers…. 


Touchscreens, when smartly implemented and with regular cleaning, can be a great asset to helping maintain social distancing still and can be a more hygienic alternative to traditional buttons. So we have now taken the time to reflect on current safety measures and the implementation of hygiene protocols to make our touchscreen solutions even more safe. So we can now provide and offer you branded hand sanitising stations to go alongside your kiosks with on screen prompts reminding users to stay safe!





Everything you need to open safely!

We’ve got you covered!

We have all the PPE Equipment you need to reopen your businesses and keep your staff safe.


Branded Face Masks


First and foremost protect your visitors with branded Face Masks. Featuring soft fabric and an ergonomic design for ultra comfort against skin. The soft 3 layer mesh material ensures easy breathing and also prevents dust, pollution, pollen and fine particles. In addition to this the fabric is lightweight, breathable and quick drying, suitable for all activities. The face contouring design fully covers all parts of the mouth and nose and features soft rounded ear loops to stop irritation. This re-usable mask folds back into shape for easy storage and is also washable at 30 degrees.





Personalised Hand Sanitiser

Personalised Hand Sanitiser

In order to keep the workplace a healthy and thriving environment, it’s critical that employers keep their staff safe too! Providing hand sanitisers for employees, at desks and in communal areas, is just as essential as providing the right equipment and tools to do their job. We can supply you with customer branded and personalised hand sanitising bottles to reduce the amount of contact between staff members. Help & remind your staff to keep safe by making sure it is easily accessible and always within their sight, such as on their desks so hand hygiene is within reach.




ShakoShield Face Visor

The ShakoShield is a protective face visor that shields the full face. With the ability to clip onto a cap beak or secure onto a hard hat it works well with almost any form of uniform! This full face protection visor is available in 3 separate styles, including the Original, Lite and Cap. Two options secure firmly to a hard hat and the third secures to the front of a bump hat! These designs works perfectly in situations where traditional head band visors cannot be worn. Patented non-return clips and non-release elastic for absolute safety. Each version of the ShakoSheild Face shields are extremely lightweight and suitable for prolonged periods of wear. Perfectly vented it allows the wearer to continue their tasks without feeling claustrophobic. The extra space behind the shield also allows the wearer to wear additional PPE, such as: face masks, safety goggles and beard snoods or their prescription lenses. They allow you to protect your employees, shield vulnerable areas and limits gloves and hands being able to touch faces.

Keep safe at work with Adventa’s personal protection equipment (PPE). The ShakoShield is a protective face visor that shields the full face. With the ability to clip onto a cap beak or secure onto a hard hat it works well with almost any form of uniform!

The Cap shield secures onto the beak of the bump hat, the product consists of the main shield as well as sturdy clips to ensure it stays perfectly in place while keeping you and your customers safe. This works perfectly for customers that cannot avoid social distancing at work, for example in retail or in food preparation. This options allows your employees and customers to stay as safe as possible.

We can also help you promote social distancing and safety around your park with clear branded signage and social distancing floor stickers. This not only helps promote your health and safety strategy, and keep your visitors and staff safe but also is another brand placement on-site.


Hand Sanitising Stations

We can also supply hand sanitising stations which are floor standing or wall hung, and compatible outdoors and indoors. So you can ensure good hand hygience is easily accessible and within sight. It’s important to place these near and around high-touch surfaces and communal areas. We can also provide custom branded back boards to provide key messaging, hand hygiene tips and to help promote your branding.




If you are interested in finding out more about our attraction re-opening PPE package then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us hello@my-moments.com




My Moments Personalisation App Update

The My Moments personalisation app is getting a refresh in January 2020. To make the journey clearer and easier for the user we have reorganised the customer journey on the app to enable the consumer to pick a product first. The customer will always see the product on display first so having the first screen showing products will help make that first button selection more obvious. Once the customer has selected their custom gift or souvenir they can then select the moment. The app features a variety of key selling occasions from Birthdays to Weddings, from Anniversaries to New Arrivals. If the customer would like just a generic gift then there is also the Anytime button filled with beautiful patterns and photo upload options.

To make it easier to navigate through the designs the customer can then select a theme, so for Birthdays the user will be able to select Siblings, Milestones, Mums & Wives. We have moved away from the more design button concept to make it easier to channel decision making for the customer.

Finally the customer can personalise their design with a name or message, if the design has colour variations then they will be able to select the colours from the scroll feature on the right hand side.

We can see for sales data that photo uploads have proven very popular at a number of sites and therefore we are pleased to say we have increased the amount of photo upload designs in each theme as well as allowing a full photo upload for each product configuration.

Photo printing is a new exciting personalisable feature on the app which also includes a new shopping cart function. It will allow users to print multiple photos in 4 x 6, 6 x 8 and 2 x 6 from the app just like they would on a photo kiosk! Or they have to do is click away and collect at the till point just like they would with a product.



Customers will be able to choose blank products from a Pic N Mix product range, which comprises of 8 types for them to choose 6 from. This range comprises of:

Contact us now to confirm your requirements for 2020 

The new my moments personalisation app will make it easier for your customers to interact and play with the personalised content. If you are currently taking the app then please get into contact with the sales team today who will help confirm your product range for January. We will also be able to share with you an updated planogram and a catalogue of designs so you can refresh product samples accordingly and also advise customers on where to find things.

hello@my-moments.com or +44 (0) 1686 625100



My Moments Launches Personalised Sports Merchandise to the Sporting World

On Monday 18th  November, the My Moments team launched their revolutionary personalisation solution to the sporting world at the Sports Merchandise & Licensing show at Stamford Bridge. The team were delighted to showcase and demonstrate their latest touchscreen kiosk installation at Leeds United, showing just how easy it is to increase fan experience and create branded merchandise in-store.

The stand showed off two of the possible kiosk configurations from a pillar design used to make the most out of awkward spaces to the compact configuration to show how the concept can still work in small retail spaces. The pillar configuration showcased the Leeds United app and the array of football themed designs available, from their current to retro crest designs, to iconic team moments and to the current player designs allowing consumers to personalise their favourite player designs. The touchscreen kiosk configuration features a double shelving bank which at the show was demonstrating some of the souvenir types available.

The thin kiosk configuration was providing exciting giveaways for customer’s from an on-the-go travel mug to a sports kit shaped keyring. Customers could choose their favourite design, personalise it, and then the team would make it for them there and then so they could see just how simple the concept is and how quick the products are to assemble.

The app also showed how the solution can be integrated with existing store product offerings by showcasing the ability to personalise a t-shirt within the app, get the customer’s artwork approval and provide the ability to print the artwork in a way that can be used with heat press machines.

Also being demonstrated was the mobile app version of the personalisation solution, ideal for hospitality suites. The mobile app can be advertised to those enjoying the game in a private box, they can use the app to create a design, and the unique software will send the order down to the shop for staff to bring the finished product to the user without the user having to leave their box.

This was the first time the brand was showcased at the show and it had a great reaction, with impressed visitors, comments ranged from “I can’t believe the simplicity of the system!” to “It’s a no brainer, we’ve seen the revenue that personalised items bring in online, so I can’t wait to have it in-store!”

Laurie Devenish, Business Development Manager comments ‘We had great conversations with clubs from the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the Scottish Premier League and even Premiership Rugby! Even the Security Guards and event organisers were queuing up for the free personalised giveaways!’

It was a fantastic show for My Moments and the team are thrilled with the number of great leads gained and are very much looking forward to working on a range of solutions and designs for an array of major teams.

The installation at Leeds United has already proven successful with the store selling over 1000 products in the first few weeks. When asked if he would recommend this solution to his peers Simon Moss, Head of Retail Development at Leeds United comments “Yes without a doubt! There’s no reason not to! It drives fan’s in-store and helps promote our brand and team, the results speak for themselves which any club could benefit from!”

This successful installation and full interview features in the last FC Magazine, pages 52-53.

So if your looking to drive consumer’s in-store with the latest technology for the modern retail environment and to increase engagement with fans say HELLO to the My Moments team today hello@my-moments.com or call us on  +44 (0) 1686 625100