My Moments Personalisation App Update

The My Moments personalisation app is getting a refresh in January 2020. To make the journey clearer and easier for the user we have reorganised the customer journey on the app to enable the consumer to pick a product first. The customer will always see the product on display first so having the first screen showing products will help make that first button selection more obvious. Once the customer has selected their custom gift or souvenir they can then select the moment. The app features a variety of key selling occasions from Birthdays to Weddings, from Anniversaries to New Arrivals. If the customer would like just a generic gift then there is also the Anytime button filled with beautiful patterns and photo upload options.

To make it easier to navigate through the designs the customer can then select a theme, so for Birthdays the user will be able to select Siblings, Milestones, Mums & Wives. We have moved away from the more design button concept to make it easier to channel decision making for the customer.

Finally the customer can personalise their design with a name or message, if the design has colour variations then they will be able to select the colours from the scroll feature on the right hand side.

We can see for sales data that photo uploads have proven very popular at a number of sites and therefore we are pleased to say we have increased the amount of photo upload designs in each theme as well as allowing a full photo upload for each product configuration.

Photo printing is a new exciting personalisable feature on the app which also includes a new shopping cart function. It will allow users to print multiple photos in 4 x 6, 6 x 8 and 2 x 6 from the app just like they would on a photo kiosk! Or they have to do is click away and collect at the till point just like they would with a product.



Customers will be able to choose blank products from a Pic N Mix product range, which comprises of 8 types for them to choose 6 from. This range comprises of:

Contact us now to confirm your requirements for 2020 

The new my moments personalisation app will make it easier for your customers to interact and play with the personalised content. If you are currently taking the app then please get into contact with the sales team today who will help confirm your product range for January. We will also be able to share with you an updated planogram and a catalogue of designs so you can refresh product samples accordingly and also advise customers on where to find things. or +44 (0) 1686 625100



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