Cards Direct Installation

A great example of personalisation in retail, where named gifts don’t prove to be an inventory nightmare

  • Consumers can browse designs for over 7 occasions
  • Photo upload enabled
  • Creating hundreds of named gifts, but stocking 8 products
  • 4 additional occasions added yearly- Valentine‘s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas

This 3 store trial, saw a large kiosk combination installed at 3 different Cards Direct retail shops. This solution enables these bricks and mortars stores to drive consumers away from personalisation online and into store to create personalised gifts. This easy to use personalisation technology is easy for consumers and staff meaning customers can make their own gift there and then without having to wait!

The personalisation software features designs for a wide variety of occasions from Birthdays to Family moments, from Weddings to Anniversaries, and from New arrivals to plain anytime designs! So no matter what the occasion, consumers can walk into store, pick a moment, then a design to suit them and then customise it with a name or message. The app features on a touch-screen kiosk which is self service, as the instructions are so simple and clear on the screen. Once the process is complete the customer simply takes their receipt to the till to collect and pay.

The easy to use scanning and printer package which sits behind the till neatly allows staff members to simply scan the receipt to process the transaction and payment as well as generate the print to feature in the product. Staff can create most products in seconds!

Due to the nature of this app, named gifts are created electronically, stores only have to old minimum stock of the blank products making it really inventory friendly and great for stores with small stock rooms. The process also provides customers with the ultimate shopping experience – creating and essentially designing a unique gift.