Chester Zoo Installation

A highly successful installation, simplifying branded and personalised merchandise in a prime & busy location at the UK’s most visited zoo, Chester Zoo

  • 2 large touch-screen kiosks
  • Large product display area
  • 6 Products
  • 18 custom branded personalisation designs

The busiest zoo in the UK, Chester Zoo, were the first to experience the revolutionary personalisation solution from My Moments. Their self-service kiosk solution comprises of 2 large touch-screen kiosks which utilise awkward spaces within the shop decorating & surrounding large pillars. Accompanying the the pillars are side shelving and two large display units showing customers the wide variety of products and designs available to choose from and enabling the customers to touch, feel and explore the product types.

The kiosk set up lines the main walk through of the shop and highly eye-catching when customer’s enter the shop form their day visiting the zoo. This location has proved highly successful for the site. The touch screen kiosks enable customers to be able to create custom souvenirs by themselves, and allows them to choose from a variety of fun branded designs which they can make unique to them.

This great personalised shopping experience is effortless for the store too!

With thousands of people visiting the zoo a day their retail shop can be very busy at the end of the day, however this unique solution is easy to integrate into retail from an operations point of view & as well as boosts sales.

Alison Brooks, General Retail Manager comments:

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the reaction to the kiosks, both from our customers and our team. Having them in our gift shop has allowed us to offer personalised gifts to all our visitors; a concept which has been universally popular. The kiosk is simple to understand, with visitors young and old able to operate it. It truly is a self-service concept which has fitted seamlessly into our daily routine”