Manchester City FC Redefines Fan Merchandise

Kiosk Configuration:

1x Large Kiosk, 1x Display Unit.

Products Offered:

Sports Mug, Glass Coaster, Kit Keyring, Metal Keyring, 6×8″ Notebook, Bottle Opener Magnet


Manchester City FC – Etihad Stadium Club Store


If you are part of the retail team at a club store, you would understand that fan merchandise plays a crucial role in engaging fans and boosting sales. Because of this, Manchester City decided to take their retail game to a new level by introducing the MyMoments personalisation kiosk into their brand new stadium store.

Our personalisation kiosk allows fans to turn ordinary club merch into one-of-a-kind memorabilia. Whether it’s a sports mug, a coaster or keyring, fans can now add a personal touch and receive it within seconds of creating.

How it works:

    1. Select a product
    2. Select a design
    3. Personalise it and place your order
    4. Take your receipt to the checkout and the retail team will have your product made up in seconds.

What makes the kiosk unique is the level of fan engagement it offers.

From working alongside retail teams for the last few years, we understand how personalisation can make a big impact on customers. It’s not just about selling merchandise; it’s about making a connection with the club and it’s fellow fans.