Take Your Personalisation Solution Mobile!

Keep your customers safe!

Over the last few months we have been working hard on creating a new way to enable you to still bring personalisation to your customers safely. We wanted to provide a solution that will keep you and your customers safe and help assist in maintaining social distancing. With a lot of focus and awareness on personal hygiene we are aware some customers would prefer not to use our traditional touchscreen kiosks. So we have updated our kiosk videos to enable customers to either continue the normal process by touching the screen to activate the app or scan the QR code shown to get the kiosk functionality on their smartphone to enable them to continue the personalisation journey on their own phone instead.

The user just simply uses the camera on their smartphone or alternatively a QR code reader app to scan the QR code which drives them straight to the personalisation app just like as seen on the kiosk. The user can then follow the same steps, choose a product, choose a design and personalise! Simple!

We have upgraded our scanners at till point to enable users to then take their phone to check out for scanning, which will prompt their order to print.




Software Upgrade

Offer 2 options for your customers…. 


Touchscreens, when smartly implemented and with regular cleaning, can be a great asset to helping maintain social distancing still and can be a more hygienic alternative to traditional buttons. So we have now taken the time to reflect on current safety measures and the implementation of hygiene protocols to make our touchscreen solutions even more safe. So we can now provide and offer you branded hand sanitising stations to go alongside your kiosks with on screen prompts reminding users to stay safe!





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