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of consumers said they were willing to wait longer for a personalised product or service


of consumers think customised products can make great gifts


of consumers would be prepared to pay a premium for personalised products


of consumers want a personalised product

MYMO Features

Innovative personalised touch screen kiosks & software…

Our cloud-based print kiosk solution is a revolutionary way of personalising products for your customers in-store. This wifi enabled touch-screen kiosk features easy & quick to use software for both you and your customer. The cloud-based software enables us to keep your kiosk updated and refreshed with designs remotely. The MYMO package also features a range of personalised prints & gift solutions, the product range features a variety of bestselling products with on-trend, stylish customisable prints. The innovative product range features novel concepts and brings your range a point of difference, as well as offering you fast & easy product assembly. Quick assembly and state-of-the art printers ensures you can deliver a personalised solution to your customers in a matter of minutes – no more waiting times or delivery options required! Solve a supply and demand issue too. No more tricky name displays either which were difficult to merchandise! Products are created in the moment.


Select from a wide range of personalised print designs


Choose from a variety of on demand products


Personalise with a name or meaningful caption


Easy & quick software for you and your customers to use

Create products instantly - no waiting times required

Inventory friendly - create thousands of unique names

Ultimate shopping experience - Users can enjoy the buzz of creating their own merchandise

Little space required

Attractive display & POS available

Stock just 6 products

Staff can create most products within seconds!

Who is it for?

My Moments is the ideal solution for creating instant personalised products in these markets:

Gift Shops Garden Centres Attractions Events And many more...

Pick your moments

Select your gift… Get it right away!

Users of the interactive touch-screen kiosks will be able to upload their favourite moments. These moments may include them or a loved one and will be made by them .. adding a unique and personalised touch to the product… Personalised gifts can show a wide variety of special moments from holidays, weddings, family get togethers and road trips with friends… this unique solution is the perfect platform for customers to use their moments to create their own MYMO – A unique personalised product made by them.




MYMO Created for You

MYMO made with you in mind…

You will have access to a wide range of personalised content, licensed and non-licensed. However we can create & design personalised content for you to suit your requirements. Content sells..so we have created content and a clever app that will be popular at a range of key gift buying locations. If you have a specific design or logo that relates to your business that you would like us to incorporate into your app then that is achievable too. To view some of our pre-created designs Click Here…

One Step At A Time

Step by step support from picture to delivery…

Our online cloud based app & touch-screen kiosk allows users to easily click through a range of different on-demand products and customisable designs. The customer journey can be altered to suit your sales requirements from a design driven screen to a product selector screen. Customers can design and create their own personalised product in just 4 steps, select the product type, then the design, customise it, then finish and preview – simple!

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the reaction to the kiosks, both from our customers and our team. Having them in our gift shop has allowed us to offer personalised gifts to all our visitors; a concept which has been universally popular. The kiosk is simple to understand, with visitors young and old able to operate it. It truly is a self-service concept which has fitted seamlessly into our daily routine”

“We we’re really interested in giving this product a try as we constantly hear the phrase ‘I can never find my name!’ when guests are looking at personalised gift stands. With MyMo we have the best of both worlds, we can offer the guest the option to completely personalise their own product, whilst offering them a branded souvenir. We have the flexibility now to try out new designs at no extra cost (no new stock required) which is a huge benefit for us.”

“Madame Tussauds have greatly benefited from the installation of the MyMo Instant Personalisation System. The flexible software allows designs to be added, deleted or amended without losing any money on dead-stock pre-printed merchandise. The products are very popular and staff find them easy to print and assemble. Perfect for busy retail environments. Instead of having to stock 126 or more product lines for personalised spinners, we only have to stock 6!”


Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

Satisfy the needs of modern visitors and millennials & create a unique shopping experience with our interactive touch-screen kiosks. Curved and sleek in appearance, these interactive screens are eye catching, but simple and clever with an easy to use fun integrated personalisation app.

Create personalised merchandise risk free & easily

All our instant print & gifts can be made in-store with no expensive, dangerous equipment required. Your customers no longer have to wait instore or arrange deliveries at home. With this retail kiosk you will be able to print and create your customers customised products in just under 2 minutes (average).

On-Demand Product & Point-of-Sale Display

Drive consumer’s in-store with a unique instant product offering. Our smart retail fixtures will enable you to display the wide arrange of personalised souvenir & gift designs available and increase purchases in-store. Its flexibility means it’s ideal for different seasonal promotions

Inventory Friendly

Reduce your stock levels and minimum orders with our inventory friendly solution. All you store are the blank products – store 6 products but sell thousands of named souvenir or gift products.

Personalised Gift & Souvenirs

Promote your brand with personalisation. Our unique gift and souvenir solutions are great sellers and easy for you to make in-store for your customers. We can create unique designs with your branding to enhance 1 customer’s memories. Give them the opportunity to create something unique and personalised to them.

Cloud Based App

This means that we can refresh your designs and features remotely at a click of a button so your software stays fresh and new for your customers.